Repair and services your AC when Florida is known for its sunny weather year-round it’s very important to keep you cool without fail all year long. SACC encourages all our customers to schedule a maintenance checkup of the existing AC units.

We are committed to offer the best price, service and experience because customer service is our number one priority.


SACC is proud to provide services, repairs, new installations and replacements for Commercial Air Conditioning Units since 2001 for all our customers.

SACC have been taking care of many popular restaurants, retail establishments, municipal government facilities, offices, hospital, medical clinics, dental offices, beauty salons, warehouses in all Miami areas and Fort Lauderdale for eighteen years and we are planning to continuing and improving our services to this area the best we can.

As our customers know the air conditioning in our State of Florida weather is a critical key component to run and optimal work place, because providing employees, merchandise, computer and electronic special equipment’s with the high quality indoor air cooling performance is essential for to run business smoothly.

SACC   have been insisting all the time that by servicing your commercial air conditioning units frequently will ensure optimal functionality when you need them most. 


SACC has been helping Florida homeowners since 2001 to replace or install new central air conditioners and perform the job in compliance with the Florida Building Code and all existing governmental rules and regulations.

It’s have been very important to engage in our best effort in performing all task necessary to efficiently, effectively and safety carry on and discharge the professional AC installation for all our customers beyond standards, being this what differentiates us from the rest of our competition.

Each member of our team stays current with the latest in technology in air conditioner repair and services, and also they are able to handle any eventuality during the replacement or installation of the AC. Furthermore, they are always being closely supervised to guarantee the best service possible.

Remember, in order to your new AC last longer is very important that the workmanship installation have been done following manufactured recommendations and for safety the F.B.C.; for that reason, we strongly recommended always call SACC for all your HVAC needs.