Seer Air Conditioning Corp has built a Partnership with Aqua Finance for years, and, it’s the Finance Company we offer for all our customers.

Aqua Finance provides fast, flexible financing programs to a variety of different industries, including: HVAC, and more. They develop their programs around our customer’s needs and approve more customers than other lenders.

Establishing financing options shouldn’t be complicated. After all, it’s the end result that your customer is really after. That’s why Aqua Finance has developed simple financing programs allowing you to leave the complicated stuff to us. We offer hassle-free solutions starting with an easy application process and ending with a happy customer.

Aqua Finance offer different promotions, among them one of the most chosen by our customers is the introductory 6.9% APR with 1% payment factor for the first 12 months; at month 13 – 13.99% APR with 1.5 % payment factor, what that’s mean is they offered to our customer a break for to pay the debt, customer can take advantage and pay as much they can during the 12 months, the good thing if customer paid off the debt in one year they can enjoy a very low rate; in other cases customers can be to the 13 month with a reduce balance which would facilitate ending up paying the obligation as quickly as possible.

Call, email or text Seer Air Conditioning Corp if you are thinking to finance your HVAC needs to help you find a promotion plan that fit your needs because they change as time goes by.

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